A Sun room, Garden Room, Conservatory or sun lounge in 2 days.
Steel frame, quick construction, easy build - all in 2 days!

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Extend-a-room Sun Rooms, Conservatories, Patio & Garden Rooms

Adding a Conservatory, Sun Room, Garden room, or sun lounge to your house used to be an expensive and messy process but now you can add a beautiful steel frame easy build sunroom, Garden room, lound or patio room to your house in as little as 2 days!

How is this possible?

Extend-a-room have developed a unique steel structure that can be custom built to your specification, with no need to dig up your garden or lay brick foundations, allowing quick construction, and trouble free easy build.

Whatever the size of your house or garden, Extend-a-room can create an extra room for all seasons.

Extend-A-Room Ltd, Unit 3A, Follifoot Ridge Business Park, Harrogate HG3 1DL